Feb 9, 2018

Review: Quest Protein Cookies

I have such a sweet tooth. I can completely do without pizza, chips, fries, or other greasy junk food. Sweets, however? Much harder - especially chocolate and soft, chewy cookies! 

In general, I try to live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I'm fairly active, I do some sort of exercise most days of the week, I go to bed at a reasonable hour most nights, I drink a lot of water (and tea - I'm halfrican), and I eat a colorful diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and whole grains. I'm a firm believer that mental health and happiness is as important as physical health and fitness, so I allow myself daily sweet indulgences. Still, it would be nice if those sweet indulgences could be more than just empty calories! 

Enter protein cookies from Quest, the original creators of the cheat clean bar that tastes like a candy bar, but is low sugar, high protein, and high fiber. Would the cookies live up to my high expectations?

Quest Protein Cookie Review

They come in four flavors and I hope that, like their bars, Quest will regularly add new flavors of the cookies. They're big, approximately palm sized, and nicely thick. 

Quest Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

In addition to a lot of protein and fiber, the 240-250 calorie cookies each have only around 1-3g of sugar. That's less than a teaspoon of sugar! 

Feb 2, 2018

Review: New Flavors of Wink!

There are three new flavors of Wink Frozen Desserts! They're all dairy free, vegan, nut free, soy free, gluten free, and generally allergen-free! It's one the tummy-friendlies desserts ever and I couldn't wait to try the three new flavors: 

Low Calorie Vegan Ice Cream

There's S'mores, Strawberry Cheesecake (a new 100 calorie version of the one we already love), and Salted Caramel. They all sounded delicious, but especially the Salted Caramel - I'm such a fan of that flavor and was so thrilled when Wink announced that they're making one! Anyway, on to my review.

Jan 25, 2018

Beauty for Beginners: Daytime Smoky Eye

I'm a pretty simple girl when it comes to makeup. Often, my entire beauty routine consists of washing my face (just water) in the morning, rolling on some chapstick, and smiling. Simple!

While I don't think anyone should ever feel that they have to do a more involved beauty routine to look 'presentable' (just wear your face the way it is, if you want!) beauty and fashion can be so, so much fun. When I'm looking for a still relatively simple, but a little more sparkly, daytime look, here's my go-to at the moment:

1. Wash face.

2. Moisturize face.

3. Apply a eyeshadow that's a shade lighter than my skin to the whole eyelid. Since this is a smudged, daytime smoky eye look, fingers work as well as brushes!

4. Apply a lighter, often sparkly, eyeshadow to my inner eye.

5. Apply darker eyeshadow to the outer crease of my eyelid and blend.


6. Slick on some dark eyeliner.

7. Mascara!

8. Smile.

What's your go-to beauty routine?

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