Sep 25, 2016

Style Post: Fall Fashion

It's finally fall! I love the crisp morning air, the leaves changing colors and tumbling down around me, and pumpkin spice everything. Also the fashion!

Fall Fashion: Boho Chic Dresses in Autumn

Pretty girl fall fashion

There's something about the beginning of a new season that feels so magical. It makes me feel so alive and so blessed to get to live in this beautiful world.

Beautiful smiling girl dancing

It's all the better frolicking through Cambridge in a floaty dress, the sort of dress that will be totally weather inappropriate just a few degrees (or 1 or 2 weeks) from now!

Sep 22, 2016

Review: Vitalicious Deep Chocolate VitaTops

Sometimes it can be hard to marry a vicious sweet tooth and the desire to eat healthy. Fruits make a delicious and healthy dessert, but sometimes you just want chocolate!

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

VitaTops Deep Chocolate is the solution. It's whole grain, loaded with vitamins (but tastes way better than taking a multivitamin) and so, so chocolatey. I had tried (and enjoyed) VitaTops before, so I was excited to try the new formula. 

Deep Chocolate Vitatops

Sep 18, 2016

Review: Hak's Paks

When you're working full-time and juggling some pretty time-consuming side things, having time to cook healthy meals can be a challenge! 

Luckily, Haks' One Pot Cooking Sauces make it easier to juggle busy weekday schedules with cooking healthy meals at home. Eating out every night isn't cost-effective at all! 

I tried Hak's Paks in three flavors: Chipotle Bourbon, Caribbean Jerk, and Korean BBQ.

I like that the ingredients lists are pretty short and natural. No crazy chemicals or unnecessary artificial colors or flavors. All Hak's Paks are all-natural with no-GMOs, no preservatives, and no gluten.

 Cooking Fast, Easy, and Healthy:

Hak's Paks make cooking really easy. Just boil a pound of veggies, meat, fish, tofu, etc. and pour the contents of the Hak's Pak evenly over the boiled base. 

Cooking fast and healthy

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