Aug 12, 2017

Limo or Taxi for Airport Transport?

I love traveling, but getting to and from the airport can be a pain! When you're traveling, you don't want to waste time and energy figuring out tons of logistics, especially after a long flight, hours in crowded airports, and the joy of TSA.  You could drive yourself (if you’re not a city kid and actually have a car), but who wants to sit in traffic or pay for long term parking? It’s no wonder most people (myself included) turn to taxi services for airport travel, but here's a chic-er alternative to consider.


Wouldn’t it be nice to cap a trip with convenience and comfort. Limos, more than any taxi or ride share service like Uber and Lyft, are all about comfort first. There’s loads of space available for your luggage, plus tons of space left over to stretch out. How’s that for a contrast to a cramped airplane cabin?

Airport Travel Options

For the anti-social traveler - *cough, cough* - limos also often have privacy partitions. Being chatted up by a cab driver can be the last thing you want when you’re tired from travel and these partitions let you stop that in its tracks. If you’re not so tired, you can often plug in your iPhone/iPod/iWhatever to stream your own playlist over quality stereo systems. No more elevator music or looped talkshows!

If you’re traveling in a group, limos can be an even better choice. It's so much easier to organize a single limo reservation than hiring several cabs. Plus, splitting the cost among passengers makes it more affordable for everyone. When you book a block of time with a transportation company, it's yours to do with as you please, so you can check out destinations where you're traveling or head straight to your hotel - it's up to you.

Last, we’ve all been in a sketchy Uber with a driver who either gets super lost or seems to have forgotten basic traffic rules. That’s unlikely with a limo, since limo drivers have years of experience with airport routes and are dispatched by a team of professionals who keep track of up-to-date traffic information. Yay for efficient transportation! If you’d like to make sure that you’re punctual and comfortable on your next airport trip, click here.

What’s your favorite way to get to the airport?

Aug 5, 2017

Recipe: Flour-less Whole Grain Seedy Bread

There's this general misconception out there, probably thanks to the carb-phobic diet industry, that bread is unhealthy. False! Bread can be unhealthy, just like anything else, but it isn't inherently unhealthy. There are all sorts of healthy bread out there and the best way to make sure that the bread in your sandwich/on your plate/drowning under your peanut butter is healthy is to make it yourself!

Healthy Bread recipe

If you want to keep the carbs down and the healthy fats and proteins and fiber up, this bread is for you. It's wheat-free and, if you use gluten-free oats, is also gluten-free. It's chock-full of heart-healthy nuts and seeds, plus enough fiber to pep up your digestive system *cough, cough* from the chia seeds and whole psyllium seed husks. If you want to make it sugar-free, you can sub stevia for the maple syrup - but honestly, I don't see the point. It's a very modest amount of maple syrup, adds a little nice something, and a teeny-tiny bit of sugar won't kill you. But it's up to you!

Enough blathering on and on from me, here's the recipe. Happy baking!

Aug 1, 2017

Review: Stabilyze Protein Bars

I really like protein bars a handy, shelf-stable snack to keep in my bag during travel, long days on set, and general busy day-to-day life. But while some protein bars can make a healthy on-the-go snack, there are SO many protein bars out there and many are little more than glorified candy bars!

Since no one wants to waste time, money, and stomach space on protein bars that aren't worth it, I'm sharing a review of a new bar I've tried recently! Stabilyze sent me a few of their bars to try and here are my thoughts.

Low Carb Protein Bars

I tried three flavors - dark chocolate thin mint cookie, dark chocolate coconut cashew, and dark chocolate peanut butter cup. All three boast nutritional stats that fit into a low glycemic lifestyle, for the carb conscious and anyone else who's disinterested in riding a blood sugar roller coaster. 

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