Oct 12, 2017

Review: Swanson Vitamins

Living in NYC, the cost of everything is sky high. Some expenses, like ridiculously bloated rent and ever-rising subway fare that definitely doesn't reflect how frequently there are delays and closures, we just have to accept and chalk it up to the cost of admission to be a New Yorker.

But some expenses, like the overpriced non-perishable snacks and ingredients in city groceries and cornerstores, we don't have to put up with. Ordering non-perishables online, especially in bulk, can save quite a lot of money! I recently had the opportunity to try out Swanson Vitamins, an online retailer for health foods, snacks, and supplements, and here are my thoughts!


I was really pleased with them on this front. A 6.5oz jar of PB2 costs a whopping $7.85 at my local grocery, but only $3.99 on Swanson Vitamins! Likewise, a Quest bar costs $2.99 at my local grocery and $3.99 (!!) at my local cornerstore, but only $2.09 when bought in bulk (a pack of 12, so not even huge bulk) on Swanson Vitamins. 

Other products had similar savings, so I was really pleased - even if you don't buy enough to get free shipping, it doesn't take much shopping for savings to cancel out the shipping cost. Cost efficiency is definitely a plus for Swanson Vitamins!

Sep 8, 2017

(Green) Eating NYC: Top Veggie-Friendly Picks Around the City!

With the weekend coming up, what better time for a post to help tourists, newcomers, and lifelong New Yorkers alike eat their (veggie-friendly) way around NYC? While I only moved back to the city at the end of this past spring, after a brief stint in Boston, I've cumulatively spent about three years living in New York.

Vegetarian Guide to NYC
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In that time, I've had a lot of fun trying many different vegetarian, vegan, and veggie-friendly places in the city. Here's a list of my favorite standout places over the years - they're the ones I go back to and highly recommend!

Pure Ktchn

Location: 352 W 46th St
Price: $10-15 per meal
Great for: Quick healthy bite, vegans, a casual midtown dinner that won't weigh you down
My favorites: Their pure caesar salad!


Location: 460 Amsterdam Ave (uptown west) or 41 East 11th Ave (downtown)
Price: $15-20 per meal
Great for: Plantbased brunch, vegans, newbies to plantbased eating, and comfort food that's good for you!
My favorites: Raw sushi and the assorted veggies!


Location: 10-70 Jackson Ave, Long Island City (there's another location in Brooklyn that's actually the original location, but I've never been)
Price: $15-20 per meal
Great for: Sushi, Fish, Pescatarians and omnivore/herbivore groups, a cute date night that won't break the bank
My favorites: Tsukemono, seaweed salad, and the salmon sushi!

Aug 21, 2017

Review: Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Proteins+

I'm not vegan and I'm actually not even vegetarian anymore - after 12 or so years of being strictly vegetarian, I'm now a pescatarian. That manifests itself as occasionally ordering salmon at a restaurant or, more frequently, enjoying sushi and sashimi. 

It's a recent change, but I've been positively surprised by how easily my body adapted to it! I have a sensitive stomach and worried it could cause me some pain, but my body has been happy having fish once or twice a week for the last month or two, since the switch to pescetarianism. Yay!

Still, I love vegetarian and vegan food and the vast majority of the time I still order vegetarian and vegan food when I'm out and still eat mostly vegetarian food at home. A mostly plantbased diet gives me energy, keeps my stomach and my skin happy, and just suits my tastes the best. Since most of my days are still vegetarian, I'm still always interested in learning about healthy plantbased sources of protein. 

Vegan Protein

So many protein bars and powders are full of ingredients that I wouldn't even want in a skincare product, much less in something I'm eating. Genuine Health is different - they're committed to creating products that are actually good for you. 

They're the self-proclaimed fermentation experts and the products in their fermented vegan proteins+ line feature fermented organic spirulina, fermented alfalfa, fermented mung bean sprouts, fermented organic quinoa sprouts, fermented pea protein isolate, fermented organic hemp, and fermented brown rice. I love that it's all stuff that I recognize as food!

Why choose fermented protein, especially when there are so few brands out there doing it? Easy - fermented plant protein is 40% better absorbed and utilized by the body than the same protein, unfermented. 

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