Mar 6, 2015

Things I'd Rather Do Than My Taxes

Being a grown-up is awesome when it comes to deciding exactly what you do every day, but sucks when it comes to boring responsibilities.

How I feel about doing taxes.
Like taxes. Doing taxes is like going to the dentist to get a tooth pulled - it hurts, it takes years off of your life in boredom, and it cuts into your shoe budget.

Here are some things I would much rather do than my taxes!


It's easier to log a solid seven hours a night now than it was when I was still in college and living in the dorms, but it still doesn't always happen. Life is busy! So instead of spending that time on my taxes, I would rather spend it frolicking in my happy dreamland. 


Just maybe not with a lion. I don't know, guys, somehow that seems ill-advised.


19 Signs Chai Is Your Only Longest-Lasting Love Interest

Or even just sit next to a stack of books and watch water pour out of the sky, like hipster girl here.

Photograph my food.

INSTAGRAM IS DOWN just describe your food to me - INSTAGRAM IS DOWN just describe your food to me  Sad Hipster

I wouldn't be an early-20s female New Yorker if I didn't. #eeeeeats

Throw a tea party.

19 Signs Chai Is Your Only Longest-Lasting Love Interest

The best part is that I can think of several friends off of the top of my head who would be so down for a mid-afternoon tea party on a Sunday.

Take an interpretive dance class.

Taylor Awkward

Because it really can't get any more painful than taxes.

...but we have to do our taxes. How can we make it less soul-sucking?

Apparently there are helpful tools for doing taxes, like some magical internet thing called TurboTax (I've never used it, but it sounds like it's some sort of genie that makes your taxes do themselves). I should seriously look into those, because reading tax forms is so dull that it's hard to focus.

Yes, I should definitely Google that TurboTax thing.

Do you use any programs to do your taxes?

How long have you been doing your own taxes?

How long does doing your taxes take you?


  1. I totally understand what you mean. There are definitely a lot more interesting things you can spend your time on than your taxes. However, us taxpayers, taxes are imposed upon us and though they aren't the most fun thing to do, the rewards of paying them can really be satisfying. In any case, I've been doing taxes for all my hardworking life, and mostly spend a whole day doing them. It's hard, necessary work, but well worth it. :)

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger

  2. @Wanda - I completely agree! Doing your taxes is definitely important (I already did mine) it's just not the most fun thing in the world :P


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